Hear. Here. Singapore.

Hear. Here. Singapore.

Be sonically immersed in Singapore, and learn the story behind a sound. Recorded with immersive binaural mics, every episode sounds incredible on headphones, so you can hear... here.

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599938 Bukit Timah Railway Station

March 21, 2023

Has the search for the perfect sound spa for the ears finally found a winner? I visit Bukit Timah Railway Station, part of the Rail Corridor, and if you walk 500m from the road, you'll find yourself in tropical forest, teemi…

169879 Pearl's Hill City Park

March 14, 2023

I explore a park that's right in the city, with a major expressway running along its western perimeter. It would seem a foregone conclusion that traffic noise bleeds into the park, and while that does happen, you don't notic…

479266 Bedok Reservoir

March 7, 2023

Singapore has Four National Taps when it comes to water sauces, and the cheapest is local catchment water, i.e. natural rainfall. Rain water is carefully diverted into the reservoirs around Singapore, and in the east, the bi…

179618 Fort Gate

March 1, 2023

Covering 18 hectares in the heart of the downtown core, Fort Canning Park is an unlikely candidate for a quiet spot to relax, but the trees do an admirable job of blocking traffic noise. While wandering in the area behind Fo…

549854 Japanese Cemetery Park

Feb. 21, 2023

Listen in as I visit a 132 year old cemetery surrounded on all sides by residential housing. The Japanese Cemetery Park in Hougang is a gazetted memorial park and offers a sound spa for your ears, as the houses form a sound …

238839 Huat Ah!

Feb. 7, 2023

Every Chinese New Year, lion dances take place all over the island in the 2 week festive season that starts every CNY. On Day 5, I was in Plaza Singapura on Orchard Road, and one troupe performed for hours as they performed …

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The Singing Bowl Gallery

Our Binaural microphone is a 3Dio Free Space Pro II and Christina performed a sound bath with the microphone placed where someone lies down and is surrou…