Nov. 16, 2022

238859 Singapore in Mono Stereo Binaural

238859 Singapore in Mono Stereo Binaural

I visited several places in Singapore to record the same place using 3 different spatial techniques - mono, stereo and binaural. Use headphones for this episode, cos the binaural effect only works with headphones. The set-ups were a X-Y config for a Sony PCM-D10 (that gave mono-compatible X-Y stereo that I could get a mono sound as well as a X-Y stereo) and a 3Dio FreeSpace Pro II for exceptional binaural with its DPA 4060 omni capsules. The only thing I did was roll off the low end rumble (100Hz and below) and match the levels

Mono & Stereo Explanation

Binaural Explanation

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