April 28, 2021

098886 Beeps and Bleeps

098886 Beeps and Bleeps

Do you know how many times a day we interact with machines? They confirm this with a range of beeps, bleeps, and other noises. We grabbed our recording kit and grabbed sound every time we had a machine tell us we'd used them. You'll hear

Train Turnstiles
Bus Entry Readers
Food Collection Beeper
Smart Phones
Contactless Payment
Temperature Check
GreenMan+ Pedestrian Crossing
Security Door PIN Entry Pad
Lift Button
And More!

This was recorded with our 3Dio FreeSpace Pro II Binaural Microphone with DPA 4060 capsules & our AudioTechnica BT4029 M-S Shotgun into our Sound Devices MixPre 6ii. Use headphones for the best immersive effect!


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