Sept. 28, 2022

179434 The Treasury

179434 The Treasury

Singapore is a financial centre in Asia that handles a phenomenal amount of money every day, but it's still cash that makes the heart sing cha-ching! I bought a note counting machine off Carousell and recorded the heck out of it as it counted S$1k in the form of 20 x S$50 bills. 

Long term investors know that a diversified portfolio makes sense, but a LOT of people still have readily available cash, and scammers are targeting Singaporeans via sophisticated schemes that rely on tricking victims into sending money electronically overseas, where it's impossible to get back. 

Once bitten, Twice Shy - and cash again becomes King, to be squirrelled away at home in hiding spaces, only to come out once in a while to be counted.

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Monetary Authority of Singapore 


Recorded with our 3Dio FreeSpace Pro II Binaural Microphone w DPA 4060 capsules into our Zoom F3.

To learn more, visit our website Hear.Here.Singapore.

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