June 28, 2021

179556 Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall

179556 Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall

What time is it? We visited the clock tower at Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall to hear the bells, but did you know the official time of Singapore has changed 5 times over the last 100 years? We also let you listen to clock mechanisms via contact microphones, including a $10 pink child's clock, a home version of the Mondaine Train Clock, and a S$10,840 Rolex Datejust - you'll be surprised to find out which is which!

Recorded with our Sony D10's built-in Stereo Microphones and also the Zeppelin Designs Cortado Contact Microphone. Listen on Headphones!

Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall

Rolex Datejust

Cortado MkIII Contact Microphone

Hear. Here. Podcast.


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