Sept. 23, 2022

298637 Bukit Brown Cemetery

298637 Bukit Brown Cemetery

This season, I'm looking for quiet spaces in Singapore, a city state with limited land that has to balance progress with preservation of green spaces. This episode, I'm at Bukit Brown Cemetery, a public Chinese cemetery established in the early 20th century but now considered abandoned. 

The 213-acre (0.86 km2) site at Bukit Brown was opened on 1 January 1922 as a cemetery and was managed as a public burial ground by a committee led by committee leaders Tan Kheam Hock and See Tiong Wah–who was at that time comprador of the Hong Kong Bank. In the next few decades, this area will be redeveloped into housing.

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For more info, visit

Heritage Singapore - Bukit Brown Cemetery 

Bukit Brown Cemetery Hiking Guide 

Recorded with our 3Dio FreeSpace Pro II Binaural Microphone w DPA 4060 capsules into our Zoom F3.

To learn more, visit our website Hear.Here.Singapore.

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