March 7, 2023

479266 Bedok Reservoir

479266 Bedok Reservoir

Singapore has Four National Taps when it comes to water sauces, and the cheapest is local catchment water, i.e. natural rainfall. Rain water is carefully diverted into the reservoirs around Singapore, and in the east, the biggest is at Bedok Reservoir. With a maximum depth of 18m and a shoreline of 4.3km, it's capable of holding 12.8 million m³ of water. It also holds dark secrets...

*Trigger Warning: this episode mentions suicide. If you are having negative thoughts, please reach out to Samaritans of Singapore. They're available 24/7, you can remain anonymous, and anything you share will be kept confidential. Call 1-767 or whatsapp 9151 1767

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