Dec. 31, 2022

Those First Six Numbers

Those First Six Numbers

In 2021, there was a internet trend where someone who say

Tell me you're (X) without telling me you're (X)

X could be anything - a profession, a mood, a generation - and the idea was that you had to convey that without being so explicit. It basically was a flex to show something that was so specific to what X was that just have that thing would do the job. 

So for this podcast that is totally focussed on Singapore, how could I tell someone this podcast was about Singapore, without telling them it's about Singapore? 

Singapore has a postcode system where every building has a unique 6-digit number; it makes for super efficient mail delivery because mail with a 6-digit postcode could only go to one building, and once there, it was just a matter of popping the delivery into the right post box. 

So the first 6 digits of each episode is the location for where the sound was recorded. If you want to find where it is in Singapore, go to Google maps and type "Singapore" and then the 6-digit code, and you'll get the exact location.